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Ragdoll Cats Personality

This adorable breed is about as docile as cats come. In fact, the name "ragdoll" comes from their tendency to go limp when picked up. These cats love to be held and babied and will relax in your arms for as long as you'll let them.

The ragdoll's personality is smart, gentle, and super affectionate. These kind kitties love and crave human attention, but they're rarely demanding. Ragdolls are extremely loyal and devoted to their people, making them wonderful companion pets.

When it comes to noise, you might not hear much from these quiet kitties. Ragdolls don't tend to make a ton of noise unless something is bothering them. When they do speak up, they typically make small, sweet meows and meeps to let you know they're hungry or need some love.

Unlike most cats, your ragdoll might not get a kick out of conquering the highest points in the household. These kitties prefer to stay low to the ground—the CFA calls them "floor cats" but they are more than happy to jump up on a sofa or bed to lounge next to you.

Ragdolls are generally easy to care for and a good fit for most families, kids, adults, and seniors, according to the Ragdoll Fanciers Club. This breed also gets along well with other pets. If you have the space to accommodate these big kitties, as well as tons of love to give them, they'll make a wonderful addition to your household.


Your ragdoll can be left alone for short periods of time—say, a workday—but they'll definitely miss you. These cats crave human attention and do best in households where one family member (or more!) is usually present during the day. A ragdoll frequently left at home without her humans will surely get lonely. And when you do leave for just a few short hours, don't be surprised to come back and find your ragdoll patiently waiting at the door for you!

Keep a watchful eye on your super-social ragdoll. These cats have been bred to have  trusting, friendly personalities and will approach anyone without much caution. If you take them outside, keep them close and on a harness. Ragdolls can not be allowed outside unsupervised and can not be outdoor cats. 

Though ragdolls are docile, that doesn't mean they're lazy. These cats love to play and be part of family activities, so make sure to stock up on cat toysscratching posts, and extra cardboard boxes. After a busy day, they're more than happy to relax in your arms or on your lap for lots of snuggles.


Ragdoll Cats with Children & Pets

The laidback Ragdoll is perfectly suited to family life. They rarely extend their claws when playing, and they usually doesn’t mind playing dress-up, riding in a baby buggy, or being a guest at a tea party. Because of their large size, males are an especially good choice for families with children.

You should always supervise young children to make sure they don’t torment the cat.  With a cat this size, it’s essential to teach children how to support the cat, with one arm beneath the front legs and one beneath the hind legs. Never hold a Ragdoll with the hind end hanging down.

Ragdolls are happy to live with other cats and cat-friendly dogs, too, thanks to his amiable disposition. They are also gentle with other small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits if they are introduced properly. Ragdolls thrive when you have two kittens, this is one of the only breeds that recommend getting two kittens at once. They love to have a sibling or buddy to explore with. Don't worry your Ragdolls will still love to spend time with you too! Getting two kittens at once will give your ragdoll kitten something to keep them company when you are away from home.  

Ragdoll Cat with parrot
Ragdoll Cat being Cradled
Ragdoll Cat in Bonnet Hat
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