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We bring our Ragdoll Cats and Kittens to Southwest Animal Hospital. Dr. Kelly is a very thorough veterinarian. She checks our kittens from nose to tail for a overall comprehensive exam. We also have them checked for parasites. All of our kittens are given their vaccinations at the vet clinic. This ensures that the vaccines have been handled properly and they will already be at the clinic incase of a reaction. If you are near the McComb area we highly recommend them!

Southwest Animal Hospital

602 South Laurel Street

Summit, Mississippi

(601) 276-2877 



All of our Ragdoll queens and kings are taken for a yearly exam. They are also up to date on all vaccinations and parasite prevention. Our Ragdolls have been genetically tested to ensure we are producing healthy Ragdoll kittens. All of our Ragdolls are also tested NEGATIVE for PRA, PkD, FeLV, FIV, FIP & HCM. We start with the healthiest parents possible to ensure you are receiving the healthiest Ragdoll kitten possible. 

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