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Ragdoll Kitten & Cat Supplies


Please make sure you order these products at least a few weeks prior to your kitten arriving to make sure your supplies arrive on time!


Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat - it is extremely important to keep your kitten on this food for at least 30 days while they adjust to their new home. It is vet recommended because tiny kittens need grains to maintain their sugar. It also has very tiny pieces so that they can chew it easily. We feed grain free soft foods and grain free freeze dried raw, so they are getting plenty of protein from other sources. 

Soft / Wet Kitten Food - you should offer your kitten soft food three times a day so you can be sure they are consuming enough calories. Canned food also helps prevent dehydration. Once your kitten is older you can choose to discontinue soft food if you prefer, but soft food has numerous health benefits. Kittens and  cats should have access to dry food and water all day. We also feed Nulo Kitten Moose that you can purchase at PetSmart

NuVet Plus - All of our boys, moms, and kittens are feed NuVet Plus. We mix it into every bag of dry food that we open. It's essential for a young kittens immature immune system. Whether you choose to keep your kitten on NuVet or not I would like EVERY ONE taking home one of our babies to purchase at least one container of NuVet to help keep their immune system strong and healthy through their first few months of life. For more information about NuVet Plus and why you should give your kitty vitamins read here.  ORDER CODE 53357

NuVet Labs Supplements

Probiotics -  All cats and kittens greatly benefit from probiotics. Your kitten has been on probiotics daily. We recommend continuing with ProPlan FortiFlora Probiotics. All of our kittens and cats are on these high quality probiotics, this greatly reduces upset stomachs caused by stress or illnesses. The health of your kitten is based off of the health of their gut, you need to add good bacteria in order to have a healthy gut. ProPlan Probiotics are in easy to use daily packs and the best rated probiotics on the market and they love the taste! 

Collars & ID Tags - It is very important that you always keep a collar and ID tag on you cat. Your kitten will come microchipped, however many people won't take the time to bring the cat somewhere to see "if" they are microchipped. They would likely call a phone number on a tag if they found a lost cat or kitten, most people assume they are a stray and will keep them or just leave them where they found them. 

All the kittens here wear colored velcro collars so you will be able to identify who is who in the videos. This also really helps when you put a real collar on them for the first time. They really don't mind it compared to kittens who have never experienced the sensation of wearing a collar.​ When they first go home very few collars will fit them properly because their neck is so tiny. The best ones I have found are by a brand called Lil Pals. I've seen them at Pet Co and Pet Smart. They are 6-8 inch adjustable by 5/16 inch width. They really fit great and will last quite a few months before you will need a bigger size. Here's some cute ones sold on Amazon.

Carriers & Kennels - make sure you bring a kennel with you when you pick up your new kitten or if you bring them places. This way they have their own space and if they get scared they won't run away or get lost. A carrier is also the safest place for your kitten to be during a vet visit, there are lots of germs at a vet clinic. 

Food & Water Bowls - here are a few options for food, water bowls and water fountains. Water fountains are a great choice because the flowing water keeps it fresh and cool. 

Scratching Post -  Scratch posts are a must for new kittens. They need to have a place to sharpen their claws. The ones our cats like best are the ones made of sisal. It's great to get a few extra small ones and hang them from doorknobs or using command hooks. That way no matter what room your kitty is in they have a special spot to scratch. TIP: spray catnip spray on the scratchers to attract you cat to them and lessen the chance of them scratching furniture.

Litter Box -  there are numerous litter boxes available for you to choose from. We use low litter boxes with a hood for our kittens. Our adults use the Litter Robot 4, although it is pricey we go through much less litter and there is absolutely no smell. Your cat will always have a clean litter box.  

Cat Litter -  we use non-clumping litter for our tiny kitties but then change to a clumping litter once they are a little older. We also like crystal litter for regular litter boxes.  

Recommended Products



 We have tried hundreds of products and these are our favorites! We have put  together a list with links provided of products we use for our ragdolls. Most of our shopping is done through, they have amazing prices. You can  conveniently shop from your own home and you reduce the risk of exposing your puppy to illnesses from pet stores. 



Cat Trees - these are a great place for your kitty ro have their own space and perch on. Most have built in scratching post too!   



Grooming - brushes, combs, and shampoos to keep your ragdoll fluffy and clean. 


Walking Harnesses - if you take your kitten outside to explore the safest way is on a harness

Heated Beds - tiny kittens do not have a large fat reserve, therefore they may need help maintaining their temperature. If you home is kept under 74 degrees or if the area you keep them in is drafty you should consider a heated pet bed. They are safe for kittens and will prevent them from burning to many calories trying to stay warm. We keep our home at 72 degrees, but they also have the added warmth of their littermates. Also, this Snuggle kitty makes your kitten's first nights at home so much easier; the warmth and heartbeat help your kitten feel more secure!


 Accidents happen.... Be prepared with the proper cleaning products.. Below are a few  products that clean, but more importantly remove the smell! 


Toys - here are some of our kitties favorites. 



Interactive Toys - need to get some energy out or have your kitten entertain themselves, these toys will do just that!




Treats - please make sure any treats you buy are made in the USA, too many pets get very sick treats made in China. Below are some treats that we like the best!  

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