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How much do Ragdoll Kittens cost?

Ragdoll cats are very very expensive to breed if you are an ethical breeder and doing it the right way. Yes, there is a short answer to this question but that also depends a lot on what each particular breeder charges. You can find scammers trying to sell Ragdoll kittens for as low as $500 and you can find low quality Ragdolls for around $1200. Please read below so that you know what all goes into the cost of a Ragdoll kitten that is bred by an ethical breeder that's not taking any shortcuts. 




Any time you limit the gene pool in order to achieve a specific goal in an animal; in this case, a cat that has beautiful blue eyes, a luxurious coat, and a temperament that consists of a puppy personality that completely melts in your arms you’re also subjecting that breed to the possibility of doubling up the bad genes in addition to the good genes. A knowledgeable breeder is going to be well aware of this, and will be diligent about keeping the health of the breed a prominent focus. But this requires testing, which costs money.

In addition to genetic health testing, breeders must be diligent about routinely screening for infectious disease and address anything that crops up in a timely manner.

This all means that a kitten that comes from health tested lines will cost more than a kitten from a breeder who skips this, but it’s so important that health is at the forefront of any breeding program.




Breeding for quality means that breeders have to pay a significant amount of money (sometimes tens of thousands of dollars) for cats from quality lines, with breeding rights. Importing fees are thousands of dollars as well. Breeders do this to preserve and improve the Ragdoll breed, but they have to charge more for their kittens as a result.


You will NOT find a quality Ragdoll kitten for under $1000. It is more than likely a scammer. 


Elegant appearance, big blue eyes, a soft plush coat, are all characteristic of a high quality Ragdoll cat. Most importantly is the temperament that makes these cats stand out from your regular house cat. If you love the personality of a puppy, but want the low maintenance of a owning a cat you will truly appreciate what has taken decades to achieve. The price of a quality ragdoll kitten will reflect this. Just because a Ragdoll kitten looks like a Ragdoll, that does not mean it has the correct disposition that makes the Ragdoll what they are bred for. With Ragdolls temperament, health, and appearance are all equally important. Selecting cats that have all of these qualities is very time consuming and expensive. 


Breeding Ragdolls is not cheap at all. You would be shocked at the vet bills, cost of feeding high quality food, cost of genetic testing, the cost of preventative medications, the list goes on and on. When you have a large number of cats living together you are constantly having to do preventative medications, and if one gets sick they usually all get sick. Doesn't matter how clean and sanitized you keep your cattery. You will eventually have your cats get sick with something and most of the time it comes from the trip to the vets office unfortunately. Even if the other cats don't have symptoms many times the safest thing to do is treat everyone, and it's not cheap. Below is a list of costs that a good breeder will incur throughout the year. 

  • High quality, breed specific dry food is not cheap

  • In addition to dry food we feed a freeze dried raw diet which is also very expensive

  • High quality wet food and real cooked chicken

  • Water filters and water fountains

  • Natural Cat litter

  • Toys and the constant replacing of toys because they get worn out extra fast by all the kittens

  • High quality supplements

  • Emergency supplements for fading kittens

  • Nebulizer with medication

  • Incubation box for emergencies

  • High quality probiotics

  • Vaccines

  • Worming

  • Microchipping 

  • Vet emergency trips and C sections

  • Vet health checks

  • Medications

  • Supplies for birthing moms such as Breeders edge supplements, Kitty Bloom Waite supplement, constantly replacing blankets for the birthing box, replacing whelping pads that go on the bottom, etc etc 

  • Gift bags, toys, health cards, samples, blankets that smell like their mom and one month of Revolution for each kitten to go home with

  • TICA registrations fees for cattery, the adults, and litters of kittens

  • On going educational costs (For us this means traveling and getting a hotel room to attend a yearly breeder convention hosted by Revival. Top doctors give amazing lectures and there's lots of other guest speakers too.)

  • Cost of showing the cats and all the fees and travel expenses that go along with it. 

  • Advertising costs, breeder listing fees, website hosting fees



I do not post prices of my kittens on my website for this reason:  


I've had clients ask me to take down the price of their kitten when I used to post them because of issues with friends or family members. I can completely understand this, how you choose to spend your money is your personal right. When people want to show off the new baby they are getting they don't want to advertise the price to them as well. 

It really bothers me when people criticize the price of a gorgeous Ragdoll cat who has qualities you will not find in any other animal. No one ever questions spending thousands of dollars on a dog. Are dogs better than cats?? I would have to say no. Especially when you're talking about a Ragdoll cat. People (including myself) spend more money on more useless items, restaurants, etc in life and have nothing to show for it. A Ragdoll kitten is a new family member! It's companionship, love, entertainment, and happiness. It's the only time you can actually buy love or happiness! When taken care of and fed properly Ragdolls easily live for more than 15 years so the price is well worth it!

Kittens are also being evaluated as they develop. Most people don't realize this and if they are seeing our Ragdoll kitten prices change they might wonder what is going on. If a kitten turns our better or not as good as they were expected to be when first priced, the price will go up or down accordingly. However, if you are on our waitlist or placed a deposit to hold a kitten your price will be locked in and will not go up. If we think the kitten isn't turning out as well as we had anticipated we will be honest about it and reduce the price of the kitten for you. All of our kittens are still beautiful. Even our lowest priced kittens are top quality even in appearance. If you want an average looking Ragdoll kitten you've come to the wrong place, lol. 

If you would like information about the price range of our gorgeous Ragdoll kittens please contact us and I will send you a very detailed email with the kitten pricing. I can also provide the exact price of any available kitten that you are interested in.  

When you adopt a ragdoll kitten from Bayou Dolls Ragdolls you aren't just getting any ragdoll kitten. You are getting an exceptional quality ragdoll kitten that is healthy, has been well cared for and loved, and has the best traits from the breed standard. 

We absolutely adore these beautiful cats and it is our passion & privilege to be able to raise them and prepare them for their forever homes. Our children play with and cuddle the kittens all day, everyday. The kittens are able to spend extra time with our children since they are homeschooled. 

We have carefully chosen our ragdoll breeding parents. Only the cats with the very best of temperaments are used in our breeding program. This way we can continue to produce Ragdoll cats also referred to as "floppy cats" or "puppy cats" that have outstanding personalities.

Ragdoll cats are often described as cats with puppy personalities because they are extremely friendly and outgoing, they love to snuggle, be held, have their bellies rubbed, and they act a little bit "floppy" when you pick them up because they just really don't mind being held at all. 

What our kittens come with

  • Our kittens go home up to date on their vaccinations given by our veterinarian. 

  • A THREE year health guarantee because we are confident in the health of our kittens. 

  • Kittens will be microchipped before they leave our home. You just register the chip. 

  • Queens & Studs are health screened and DNA tested negative for HCM, PRA & PkDef. All of our cats are negative for FeLV, FIV, and all parasites. We DNA test for genetic ragdoll cat disorders to ensure you receive a healthy kitten! 

  • Kittens will receive a complete health evaluation by our vet.

  • Most of our kittens will come home to you already Spayed and Neutered. 

  • Kittens will receive a complete fecal testing by our vet. 

  • One month of free pet insurance. 

  • One month of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

  • TICA or CFA registration papers.

  • Kittens are wormed 4-6 times before they leave.

  • Kittens are completely litter box trained.

  • Kittens are accustomed to using a scratching post.

  • Extremely detailed ragdoll kitten care information packet.

  • Their own "mommy and me" blanket that smells like their mom and will comfort them at their new home.

  • Lifetime help and support for any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Ragdoll kitten contract with health guarantee. 

  • Complete health records with a recommended shot schedule.  

  • Guaranteed socialized.

All of our ragdoll kittens are raised INSIDE our home with our family.  

Our ragdoll kittens and adult ragdoll cats are raised on the best quality diet. We feed our ragdolls cats Royal Canin dry food, high quality grain free wet food, freeze dried raw diet cat food, and fresh cooked chicken to ensure that all of our ragdoll kittens arrive to your home in optimal health. ​

Our ragdoll cattery has tested negative for Feline Leukemia, FIV, PK Deficiency, PRA, and HCM. We also do extra testing on all of our adult ragdoll cats for 50 different less common genetic ragdoll cat issues and for genetic diversity information. ​ 

If you are interested in purchasing a quality ragdoll kitten please contact us. We would love to help you find the ragdoll kitten of your dreams!

Health Testing

Quality and cost of adult Ragdolls

Additional cost for breeding

Why our kittens prices aren't posted

Choosing a quality Ragdoll kitten 

Ragdoll Kittens Near Me

Shipping Options

Are you looking for a ragdoll kitten near you? Don't let yourself be restricted by only buying a ragdoll kitten from ragdoll breeders that are in your area. It's SO important to find the right breeder who's properly caring for and socializing their ragdoll kittens. 


We offer shipping for our ragdoll kittens anywhere to the continental USA, Alaska, & Canada. You can have your ragdoll kitten flown to your nearest airport with our trusted flight nanny. There's also ground shipping with a professional pet transportation company, or we can meet you with your ragdoll kitten at the New Orleans or Baton Rouge airport for pick up. If you're looking for a ragdoll kitten for sale we can help you find the perfect one!

Why Ragdoll cats make such wonderful pets

  • Ragdoll cats have amazingly sweet and outgoing personalities.

  • Ragdoll cats interact with people more like a dog than a cat. 

  • Ragdoll cats are loyal companions and great snugglers. 

  • Ragdoll cats are extremely smart and can learn tricks and to walk on a leash. 

  • Ragdoll cats are generally a healthy breed of cat and live 15-18 years.

  • Ragdoll cats are perfect for children and get along with dogs and other breeds of cats. 

Important information before purchasing a Ragdoll kitten 

More people than ever have been falling victim to ragdoll kitten scammers recently. Scammers are stealing pictures and videos from reputable ragdoll breeders and even creating entire websites to trick people into sending them money. PLEASE be careful and ALWAYS ask for a new video of the ragdoll kitten if you have any doubt and think they could be a scammer. Our page "Avoid Ragdoll Scams" goes into much more detail on how to spot a scammer and ways you can make sure you don't become a victim of one. 

You'll also want to make sure you are buying a ragdoll kitten from a reputable breeder that has experience and does all the appropriate genetic testing for their adult ragdoll cats. As you look at different ragdoll breeder sites you may see the same content over and over again. It's really easy for a ragdoll breeder to just copy what they see and add it to their website. Make sure the ragdoll breeder can actually back up what their website says and that the ragdoll kittens are being properly socialized. Even TICA registered ragdoll breeders are selling ragdoll kittens that have not nearly enough time spent with them and are not properly socialized. ​See our page How to Choose A Ragdoll Breeder for more information. 

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