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What is the difference between a Ragdoll and other long hair cats with blue eyes?

Many people mistakenly believe that any long-haired cat with blue eyes is a Ragdoll. While Ragdolls are indeed long-haired and must have blue eyes as per breed standards, their distinctive traits go far beyond appearance. Ragdolls are renowned for their unique temperament, unlike any other feline breed. Bred specifically for their personality, Ragdolls exhibit dog-like behaviors: they eagerly seek human companionship, adore children, and get along well with other pets. Expect a Ragdoll to greet you at the door and shadow you around the house, even offering affectionate kisses. They happily engage in activities like dressing up and riding in strollers, behaviors typically associated with dogs rather than cats.

Unlike the stereotype of aloof cats, Ragdolls are bred to be sociable and affectionate. They are known for going limp when picked up, enjoying being cradled like a baby—a trait unique to this breed. However, not all Ragdolls exhibit the breed's characteristic temperament. It's possible to encounter Ragdolls with registration papers that do not embody the breed's ideal personality.

When choosing a Ragdoll kitten, selecting a breeder who prioritizes temperament is crucial. Responsible breeders ensure that their cats not only meet physical standards but also exhibit the friendly, interactive nature that defines the Ragdoll breed. This emphasis on temperament over appearance helps maintain the true essence of what makes Ragdolls exceptional companions.



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